Thursday, March 24, 2011

March March March

A lot has happened since my post back in January....

So the biggest things that come to mind that have happened are two things. Troy started a new job with Comcast and we got into a bad accident and totaled our truck. 

Troy started his new job on the 21st of March. He is going to be working in the collections department. I know that sounds like a harsh place to be but it is actually the best place to be. There are a lot of perks too, like health, dental, and vision benefits. It's about time that we get those for the whole family. They also have tuition reimbursement so he can continue going to school. Pretty sure it is a great change. We even get our tv and internet for free now. That is going to save us sooo much money!

The accident.
So on the 2nd of March we were in a car accident. We were driving on the freeway and we were at about 500 N in Salt Lake. We were driving home during that horrible snow storm. It was midnight and the snow that had melted on the road turned into black ice. We were changing lanes and hit some slush and black ice, fishtailed, lost control, went across the fast lane and the carpool lane spinning, the front passenger side hit the center cement barrier, kept spinning and hit the back of the truck against the barrier which stopped our spinning but the momentum made us tip onto the driver's side and slide for about 10 more feet. Our truck acted like a snow plow and cleared about 10 ft of snow from the carpool lane. We were sitting on our side right under the traffic alert sign. Troy was driving and Rorie was in the back in her car seat. We were all wearing our seat belts. The only damage was a prick on my finger and Troy's window shattered and sprayed him with glass which a few days later he was still pulling glass out of his arm and hand. Rorie's diaper bag saved his face from the glass and the road by acting as a pillow. The diaper bag was on the floor behind me on the passenger side and when we tipped it flew right under his head. When I looked at him it looked like the diaper bag had been tucked under his head to protect his face from dragging on the road. I'm really thankful that someone was looking out for Troy that night and conveniently placed the bag where it was. A guy and his daughter saw the accident and called 911 for us. They helped us get Rorie out of the truck (through the passenger window) and then helped me and Troy get out. It was a scary night and a very scary incident. It really makes you think about what is important in this life and definitely makes you thankful for those around you. I am thankful we are all ok and able to walk away from it.

Well other than that things are pretty much the same. Rorie is 10 months old...almost 11...She is going to be 1 on May 11th and that BLOWS my mind. Time flies so much faster when you count every month I guess.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Again

Sorry everyone that it has taken me super long to make a new post! It's been so long I even forgot my password to login haha...

What's new, what's new...hmmm...

Since New Years a lot has happened so for those of you who don't want to read this huge long post here's a short recap

New Years was spent in Idaho with family, playing games and watching the ball drop.
My Birthday (12th) we went bowling with family and friends. Troy got me a massage as a present too. YAY
The 10th school started and we are super busy with that. Troy is taking 13 credits and I am taking 10.
This month I finished a journal.
Rorie has the stomach flu and it is not fun.

Ok, now for the extended version...

The day after Christmas we went up to Idaho to spend time with Troy's family. We love going up there and seeing everyone. It was really cute to watch Rorie play with her cousins, Arabella and Porter. We stayed through til the 1st of Jan. On New Year's Eve we went over to Troy's brother's house and played games all night until the ball dropped...then we played more games. The games we played made me feel like I was playing War Hammer (for those of you whose older brother's were nerds ;) ) or Magic the card game. ( I can't believe I am naming these games haha...maybe I'm the real nerd!) They were a lot of fun though and I didn't win a single time.
On the first we drove home. We were expecting the roads to be hectic but they weren't too bad and we made it home safely.

My birthday was on the 12th this month. I turned 22 but still feel like I am considered 20 haha. I think once you hit 25 people really consider you a "real adult." Not being a mom, not being married, but turning 25. I always make fun of Troy because he is 2 years older than I am. He's old and I let him know that on his birthdays ;). So for my birthday Troy let me know that "I am one year closer to dying..." That is what he said to me! So I said, "are you counting it down?" ;) I deserved him teasing me. I am glad that I have a husband that knows me well enough to joke around with me and know when I am kidding too.
So for my birthday (the 12th) I sat home and did homework pretty much the whole day. Around 5 ish or so my dad called me and asked if he could take Troy and me out to dinner. Of course we accepted and we went to one of our fav places, China Chefs, in Riverton off of Bangeter Hwy and 12300 s. Yummy!
On the 13th we actually celebrated my b-day by going bowling with family and friends. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad it worked out so everyone could come. Troy still hadn't given me a present and I was kinda thinking that he was too busy to get me one...that or he had forgotten to get one...but as we got into our car to leave the bowling alley, he told me I had some mascara smudged across my face...horrified I flipped the passenger mirror down and on my lap fell a gift certificate to go get a one hour massage. I love that sneaky turd!

On the 10th this month Troy and I started another semester of school. Troy is taking 13 credits and I am taking 10. Last semester I only took 6 credits and I am kinda feeling overwhelmed with only 10. My goal is to take 12 credits either next semester or the one after that. I really don't want to put too much on my plate right now. So Troy being the smartypants that he is, is taking Economics, Philosophy, Business, English, Photography, and Bowling. If you ask me, that is one heavy plate! Me on the other hand, Psychology, Sociology, Math, and Bowling. Two of my classes are online (psych, and math) one is on campus (sociology) and the other is at a bowling alley. Yes, we are getting credit for taking a bowling class where all we do is bowl, and that's all. Last semester we both did really well grade wise so we are hoping for the same result this time around. Fingers crossed!

I love to write in a journal. If I don't write in it before bed I feel guilty because I know I am eventually going to forget what happened throughout that day. Writing in a journal helps me to reflect on who I was and who I am growing up to be. I look forward to the day when I am like 100, looking back through the pages of my old journals, reflecting on my life, my children's lives, and my dealings with the Lord. I try to get almost every detail of happenings recorded in my journal so when I read back I still can draw a very vivid memory. My entries are another way to vent. Once all of my feelings and thoughts are on paper I can forget about them and move on. Of course they will always be there but it is another reflection of how I got over the problem and was able to forgive. I love writing in a journal.

Little Roo is sick. She has been sick for a week now with symptoms of the stomach flu. She is still her sweet little self who loves to play and laugh and discover new things, but she will whimper every now and then and rub her eyes, look at you with her arms reaching outward waiting to be picked up to cuddle. She is so clingy right now and I don't blame her. I am clingy to her as well. This is the first time she has ever been sick. Today though she has been doing better. Her symptoms are less and she no longer has a fever. Hopefully she feels back to her normal self tomorrow..

Ok! So there is a new post! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Rorie was more than excited to wake up this morning. Great Grandma Romph (GRR), Grandpa, and Grandma Romph came over to watch her open her presents. It was so much fun to watch her as we helped her open her presents. I was really happy that she cooperated too. This Christmas has definitely been one to remember and cherish. I love my family so much and am so happy I was able to spend this wonderful holiday season with them all.

Troy and I also had a lot of fun opening presents from each other. He got me one of those new curling irons that doesn't have a handle thingy one it...BareMinerals starter kit (which I have been wanting since we got married but never got), and some ankle/wrist weights for when I play the Kinect I will actually be able to tone my lazy butt too! Yay!! I got him a Blu-Ray Disc Player and some Microsoft points for XboxLive. I love Troy!

I think the rest of Christmas will be spent taking naps, eating food, and visiting with family. I couldn't have asked for a better year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GO BSU!!!!!

So many of you might not know this buuut, Troy is from Boise so obviously we root for BSU...ESPECIALLY when they are playing against U of U.

BSU played a great game against Utah tonight in the Vegas Bowl. Troy and I had some friends over to watch the game. It was a lot of fun. I am just glad we don't have downstairs neighbors right now because it got really loud at times. It was cool to see how many people will root for BSU when playing against Utah. No offense to any Utah fans out there but the extreme fans make the rest of you look bad...

Troy's Mom, little sister, and Aunt all went down to the game. They were told by a person from Vegas..."I can tell you guys are BSU fans not only because of your attire, but because you are actually nice and respectful!" I think that is a nice compliment! Now I'm not saying that Utah fans are mean or anything but if someone not from Utah makes a comment like that it's gotta be true.

Anyways, we are just glad that BSU showed up to play and totally stuck it to Utah...looks like Utah fans won't be talking about Brotzman's kicks anymore!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Presents

I am sooo excited for Christmas! This is Rorie's first Christmas and I can't wait! I am more excited to see her open her presents than I have EVER been to open my own. I am giddier than a 10 year old on Christmas Eve. I have been half tempted to give her one of her smaller gifts to see if she will even know what to do with it. Hopefully she catches on and will open at least a couple of her presents on her own...wishful thinking? Maybe...Hey she's a fast learner! Well at least I think so but I am her mom ;) I can't wait for Christmas morning! I wish it was tomorrow! I can't wait for Troy to open his gifts from me either! Thanks to Troy's parents we now have a video camera to record the event! If I can figure it out I might post some on here now that I have officially started our blog.

This Christmas is going to be soo exciting! It already has been with buying gifts, decorating, making treats, doing crafts, snow, and family. We even sent out some Christmas cards to family and close friends. This was the first year doing that and I have to say it was easier than expected. I got an add from advertising 20 cards for $1.99 including envelopes. I think I am going to them from now on for Christmas cards. Pretty much I spent under $15! I was quite pleased with myself haha!

I have also been working on a new craft this holiday season. I saw some examples of yarn and felt wreaths and so I had to try it out myself. It ais not complete yet but is coming along nicely! I love doing crafty things like that and it's a perfect decoration for Christmas. The one I am making will be able to be hung up year round though so that's even better! I will post some pictures now and when I am done.

Our little home has been decorated for Christmas and I have to say I have really enjoyed it. Troy told me that I had to wait until after Thanksgiving before I put up Christmas lights and the Christmas Tree. Let's just say I couldn't wait so I put up some lights and other little decorations. I was able to resist putting up the tree until after Thanksgiving. I am soo excited for Christmas! I think this is officially my favorite holiday!

Rorie also got to meet Santa this year! She didn't know what to think of him. She didn't cry she just sat on his lap and stared at him. She was not about to take her eyes off of him! We tried so hard to get her to look towards the camera but those eyes were set. We all got a family picture with Santa too. Santa loved Rorie and promised to bring her something great on Christmas.

Needless to say, I am going to be sad when this month is over. I hope 2011 is kinder to some people I know and I hope that it continues to be kind to those who have had a good year in 2010. Pretty much I just hope everyone has a great next year!

One Fine Day...

...Troy and I met on a blind date.

 Maura's version:
             My cousin and his wife were coming into town and wanted to get together with some of the cousins. We were going to go on a big group date. Everyone was going even my oldest brother and his wife. I was hesitant at first, but when I was told my date was going to be Dalin's (my cousin) best friend I immediately thought about all of his friends and how they were all smokin hotties! So I said I'd go and hoped I would have fun. If anything I was going to hang out with my cousins.
              We agreed on meeting at one of my cousin's houses and then would carpool to the restaurant. I got there a little early and was told my date might not be coming. I was bummed and wondered if I should just go home. At that moment my date showed up. We all piled into the car - me in the front seat - and my date was in the back. I didn't get a good look at him and I wasn't about to turn around and introduce myself in the car so I waited until we got to the restaurant. On the way, we were all messing around and all of a sudden I hear an Irish accent...coming from my date! I was shocked and very impressed. That was the best one I had ever heard! I think that was the best anyone in the car had ever heard too.
              As we pulled up to Chili's in Riverton, everyone got out of the car and started toward the door. My date was waiting for me there and when I caught up to him I introduced myself. We shook hands and exchanged names. His name was Troy. We went inside and he immediately followed Dalin and my cousin's fiance, Skye, to the bar. I sat with a couple of my cousins and talked for a while until I mustered up the courage to go sit next to him and actually attempt to have a conversation. I learned quite a bit about him, where he wanted to go to school, what he wanted to study, etc. etc. He always had short answers and didn't seem too interested in getting to know me. His reaction towards me bothered me and at that moment I decided I was going to get him to open up and actually talk to me like a real person and not a robot.
              As we sat down at our table my brother and his wife sat across from us. Troy started to come out of his shell little by little throughout dinner. My brother seemed to like him because he was laughing and kidding around with Troy. Troy even pretended to cut my food into smaller pieces for me and he made sure I had plenty to drink (I had 3 full Sprite's in front of me the whole dinner!) We laughed and joked around, flirted of course. Troy even learned something not many people know about me. I had to explain what happened because he was very confused. Afterwards, I was expecting him to go right back into his shell, but instead he said "ok" and left it at that! I was shocked and relieved. This date was going great!
             After dinner we went to my brother's house. We played the Wii and flirted some more. I caught him a few times checking me out haha! We flirted and flirted! This was the funnest date I had been on ever! After playing the Wii we all decided to go back to were Dalin and Jennie (his wife) were staying and watch a movie. We got there and started watching Dumb and Dumber. (Classic!) We were sitting next to each other and I could tell he wanted to cuddle so I put my legs over his to break the ice. It worked and we ended up falling asleep during the movie. I felt so comfortable with Troy and felt amazing around him. When we cuddled, it seemed like I was meant to fit in his arms.
              We woke up in the morning still in each other's arms. It was Sunday and Troy invited me to go to church with him. I said yes of course. We each went home to get ready for church and agreed to meet up later and ride over together. As I went over to pick Troy up he was waiting for me outside. He was wearing a suit and tie and looked very well put together. After church I invited him to come to a scone party my family was having later that evening. He came and my family was surprised to meet him. They didn't know what to think of Troy because of guys I had been known to hang out with in the past. Of course Justin, my oldest brother, had met him and was pleasently surprised to see him there. We had fun at the scone party and decided to keep in touch.
     that was long!