Thursday, March 24, 2011

March March March

A lot has happened since my post back in January....

So the biggest things that come to mind that have happened are two things. Troy started a new job with Comcast and we got into a bad accident and totaled our truck. 

Troy started his new job on the 21st of March. He is going to be working in the collections department. I know that sounds like a harsh place to be but it is actually the best place to be. There are a lot of perks too, like health, dental, and vision benefits. It's about time that we get those for the whole family. They also have tuition reimbursement so he can continue going to school. Pretty sure it is a great change. We even get our tv and internet for free now. That is going to save us sooo much money!

The accident.
So on the 2nd of March we were in a car accident. We were driving on the freeway and we were at about 500 N in Salt Lake. We were driving home during that horrible snow storm. It was midnight and the snow that had melted on the road turned into black ice. We were changing lanes and hit some slush and black ice, fishtailed, lost control, went across the fast lane and the carpool lane spinning, the front passenger side hit the center cement barrier, kept spinning and hit the back of the truck against the barrier which stopped our spinning but the momentum made us tip onto the driver's side and slide for about 10 more feet. Our truck acted like a snow plow and cleared about 10 ft of snow from the carpool lane. We were sitting on our side right under the traffic alert sign. Troy was driving and Rorie was in the back in her car seat. We were all wearing our seat belts. The only damage was a prick on my finger and Troy's window shattered and sprayed him with glass which a few days later he was still pulling glass out of his arm and hand. Rorie's diaper bag saved his face from the glass and the road by acting as a pillow. The diaper bag was on the floor behind me on the passenger side and when we tipped it flew right under his head. When I looked at him it looked like the diaper bag had been tucked under his head to protect his face from dragging on the road. I'm really thankful that someone was looking out for Troy that night and conveniently placed the bag where it was. A guy and his daughter saw the accident and called 911 for us. They helped us get Rorie out of the truck (through the passenger window) and then helped me and Troy get out. It was a scary night and a very scary incident. It really makes you think about what is important in this life and definitely makes you thankful for those around you. I am thankful we are all ok and able to walk away from it.

Well other than that things are pretty much the same. Rorie is 10 months old...almost 11...She is going to be 1 on May 11th and that BLOWS my mind. Time flies so much faster when you count every month I guess.

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